Alternative Fuel For Fireplaces

Traditionally, wood burning fireplaces would be considered a renewable fuel but many people still see them as a pollutant because of the smoke, dirt and other matter that is released during burning. The alternatives to normal wood burning fireplaces have increased in the last several years and gel fueled fireplaces is one option that many consumers love. Gel fuels are a thickened ethanol that comes inside a can. They have a short burning duration time lasting no more than three hours, which could be a negative to some but there are many more benefits to owning gel fueled fireplaces.

When you use gel fuel, there is no smoke, soot or harmful toxins. There is however, a release of carbon dioxide into the air. This is the same gas that is exhaled with each breath but the amount is very minimal. Gel fueled fireplaces are inexpensive and low maintenance. They can be placed anywhere because they do not require any installation hook ups or gas lines. There is no ash or soot to clean up. They even have similarities to a normal fire. They provide flames and the authentic sound of crackling that real fire makes. Depending on how severe or minor a medical condition one may have the gel fuel fireplace can be a great alternative to traditional fireplaces.

Gel fireplaces are not only easy to maintain but they are also the most energy efficient, cost effective heating units on the market. The biggest plus is that there is no limits on where you can place a gel fueled fireplace. They are great for apartments, town houses and even bedrooms.