Eco-Friendly Alternative Fuel

Oil can be the advanced fuel which puts the industry in action, but alternative fuel increase in popularity as it is harmless to environment. Basically, there is a fossil fuel which includes coal, natural gas both oil and alternative fuel. Fossil fuel - фоссилизируемые the rests of ancient animals and factories and now the authorities of 95 % of world use of energy.
Alternatives to fossil fuel - natural gas, the prosir, an electricity, biodiesel, ethanol, метанол, hydrogen just as P-number fuel, and they only not only are right for our environment, but also for economy also.
Alternative fuel benefit in popularity, specially for vehicles mainly because resources of fossil fuel are final just as placing less confident a current energy source, and they bring that global warming of the reason in smaller quantity of ecological harmful issue.
Future fuel, such as biofuels they are received from factories, and more redeemable and eco friendly than petrol chemicals. And biodiesel purer elections can offer ethanol, but they require such considerable quantity of energy and the earth to make it выполнимым. Biodiesels reduce depending on foreign oil as it can be established in the country, but the problem consists in growing up grain crops, to satisfy to the requirement, and it could ask too much. It also has sceptics as manufacture of the grain crops demanded more energy, than they can make.
Hydrogen, actually very pure fuel, but stumbling-block - cost. Burning fossil fuel adds to global warming, but a hydrogen by-product - only oxygen and water. It is not injurious to our health and environment, but you require fossil fuel to use it if we cannot use solar, a wind and another to make it.
Natural gas can be purer than gasoline, but it certainly and does not make carbonic gas. The wind power - one of the oldest and the majority of progress of all alternative топлив also is quite sufficient potential to use it. Hydroelectric energy can be well developed alternative fuel source, but not as reception as use, it can have destructive effect on an environment and habitation. The solar energy feeds a mankind dawn as all other energy sources are carried out from it. A nuclear energy - good replacement, but it is too changeable when falling in wrong hands.