Future Alternative Fuels

Using alternative fuel as hydrogen, the prosir, natural gas, ethanol, an electricity and many other sources are much more desirable than that of world destruction in which we live. We should think not only today, but also we should think of the future, that our children and their children will have a residing on the earth. It is a lot of auto manufacturers seriously believe, that change of engines in new vehicles influences on alternative fuel, instead of continuous use of gasoline. Many economists are afraid, that if we stop to use gasoline, based the engine, that our economy will go further away in red generation of other Great Depression. The truth - that we can survive, not use oil based gasoline for our vehicles and that at use of alternative fuel we could rescue the economy. We should not depend on foreign countries for our stocks of energy any more. It would increase, our own manufacture of economy of fuel based the products making our country so much stronger.